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Energy Integration® works with the whole person. Most approaches limit themselves to one area of life (spirituality, psychology, health, economics, relationships, etc.). This narrow focus by its nature limits the results.

How many times have you been excited about a new beginning, only to lose focus in a few weeks or months? It's not you, but the inevitable result of too narrow a focus.

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Energy Integration®

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Learn More about Energy Integration

Are you confused, even overwhelmed, by all the courses and modalities available, or are you just looking for a safe, grounded place to begin? Whether you’re an accomplished energy or body worker, or just starting out, the Energy Integration series will benefit you.

Energy Integration® will teach you to:

  • Take your assessment and  treatment skills to the next level.
  • Enhance your impact and effectiveness with every client.
    Integrate energy work into your manual therapy.
  • Work safely and effectively at the energy/matter interface.
  • Quickly bring the body into functional balance to promote healing.
  • Leverage the mind/body effect to free fascial restrictions.
  • Awaken kundalini and the microcosmic orbit to promote health and healing.

Energy Integration® blends with and harmonizes treatments you currently use, and provides a framework for the evaluation and planning of future courses of study. All modalities are profoundly influenced by the personality, learning-style and values of their developers. I recognize this and encourage practitioners to consciously develop their own treatment approach, and to confirm the results by regular assessment.

From the very beginning, Energy Integration teaches you to confirm energy work on-the-body. This not only builds confidence, it also provides a method for continuously improving your skills. As you better understand the way you want to be with clients, it will become easier to plan your professional development and continuing education.

The Development of Energy Integration®

There is a natural progression in manual therapy from the gross to the subtle, from the fascial matrix to the energy matrix, from working on someone to working with someone, from overcoming resistance to establishing trust. As one learns to listen to the fascia, a whole new world of subtle rhythms and forces is revealed.

As I studied this energetic component both in the literature and with clients, I began to see connections that I never noticed before. Client assessment and treatment significantly improved, and I was able to better integrate all the other modalities I had learned into an approach that became Energy Integration®.

From the perspective of Energy Integration®, the fascial matrix is simply a more habitual form of the energy matrix. If there is a fascial restriction, there is an energy restriction, and vice versa. Medical models such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine have recognized this energetic aspect of the body for thousands of years. As palpation skills develop we gain the ability to feel these subtle energetic and fascial strain patterns and restrictions. Work at this energy/matter interface, with an emphasis on confirming results both energetically and fascially, is stressed during the learning phase and in the practice of Energy Integration. Through fascia, energy and movement, kundalini is awakened in harmony with the body’s natural rhythms. A healthy, grounded, and integrated life naturally flows from this awakening.

"I have been a P.T. for 23 years and have taken numerous courses by many of the heavy hitters in holistic health. Tom bridges the gap between allopathic and alternative therapies in a very no-nonsense and practical way…"

J. Roger Swiderski, RPT, PC

Energy Integration® and Family Systems

Once you appreciate the implication of energy work, both as an assessment and treatment tool, a whole new world opens up. An example of this can be seen in family systems. When the principles of Energy Integration are applied, practitioners notice a family component to fascial strain patterns. You may have already noticed this yourself—families tend to share the same or complimentary patterns: genetically, psychologically, fascially and energetically. These patterns are often subtle, and symptoms are often sub-clinical. They can best be assessed and treated energetically, or at the energy/matter interface.

Because of these subtle and not-so-subtle influences, when working with children I recommended that work be done with the whole family, because the child’s energetic resonance has adapted to the family’s and vice versa. They are truly one system. If you work just on the child, the family pattern can induce a re-occurrence of the problem.

When a parent is scheduling an appointment for a child, I encourage a family visit. At the very least, I treat the parent for a few minutes before I treat the child. This simple practice has significantly improved my results with children.
Leverage is the key. The more specific you can be, the less time it takes to get a release. By applying the principles of Energy Integration one can quickly assess and treat clients. Once you’ve mastered the technique, it can be done in five minutes. This makes it possible to treat the whole family system in a single session. All you need is five to ten minutes per person. It’s efficient, cost effective, and it gets results.

"Yesterday I used the leverage point on thirty people, all ten minute treatments, and could not believe what I was seeing. What is most impressive to me is that I can really feel the energy.  I can’t thank Tom enough."

David Young, MsT

Energy Integration® Series

To insure ongoing support for therapists, and a consistent framework for mastering the work, Energy Integration is offered through a series of workshops which include Introduction to Energy Integration, Energy Integration I, Energy Integration II, Energy Integration and Feng Shui, and the Health and Personal Mastery program.

Energy Integration studies the role of energy in manual therapy, family systems, environment and personal mastery (spirituality).

Energy Integration® and You

Energy Integration not only blends with your current work, it helps you weave those modalities into a coherent treatment approach. This series synthesizes concepts from Chinese medicine, esoteric healing, psycho-synthesis, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), quantum theory, movement, Fung Shui, meditation and various forms of manual therapy. The workshops emphasize experiential, hands-on learning, blending lecture, demonstration, hands-on techniques, movement, meditation and visualization. Energy Integration is a must for manual therapists (PT, OT, MsT, DO, DC) and body-oriented psychotherapists wanting to improve their hands-on assessment and treatment skills.

Energy Integration goes beyond treatment to personal mastery. If you meditate, or  study yoga, tantra, and/or qi gong, Energy Integration can facilitate the awakening of kundalini and the microcosmic orbit. These energetic flows, though natural, are rarely experienced because mind/body restrictions short-circuit their natural integrative flow. You will learn a powerful self-care protocol, Sensory Motor PatterningSM, which enhances and prolongs the benefits of each session.

For more on Energy Integration, check out our feature article in the May/June 1998 issue of Massage Magazine,
The Energy/Fascia Connection

Workshop Schedule

Health and Personal MasterySM

  • Break the pattern of stress in your life
  • Promote health and healing from deep within
  • Design a life in harmony with your core values and beliefs
  • Get closer to your vision for yourself, your life, your body, your health
  • Discover your Unique Organizing Principle

Workshop Schedule

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Health and Personal Mastery

Become the Dominant Creative Force in Your Life. Design a life in harmony with your core values and beliefs.


Applying the principles of Energy Integration and the Health and Personal Mastery Program within faith communities.

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