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Health and Personal MasterySM

The Energy Integration® Health and Personal Mastery Program is the premier change and empowerment program: in scope, in thoroughness, in quality and in results.

The program is revolutionary. We have developed a powerful systems approach to wellness and personal mastery. Through high leverage, gentle, and non-invasive means we facilitate your health and healing from deep within your core.

We effectively guide you in the process of discovering your inner meaning, your Unique Organizing PrincipleSM. Once you tap into your core beliefs and meaning, a powerful force is released for health and healing.

As you awaken to your Unique Organizing PrincipleSM, you unleash a powerful integrating force within yourself. Your life is in focus. Health, happiness, family, relationships, career, etc., all take shape and are energized.

We can guide and coach you in this process.

  • the process of health and healing
  • the process of personal mastery
  • the process of being fully alive

The Health and Personal Mastery Program has evolved out of years of experience ministering to and caring for our clients. It reflects a systems approach which we have developed, and which we feel is essential to guarantee optimum long term results.

Our approach is simple, elegant and rooted in respect for you and your process.

We integrate dialogue, manual therapy, nutrition, movement and spirituality into a powerful systems approach to health and healing. The ideal way to experience the FaithWorks approach is through the comprehensive retreat centered program.

We view our work as a ministry to the whole person. Spirituality and meaning are key ingredients in the healing process. It’s meaning that gives you leverage in your life. Once you know the why, any what is possible.

When our lives are disrupted through injury, disease or other set backs, we often think in terms of getting back to “business as usual.” The truth of the matter is, that more often than not, it was “business as usual” that sets us up for our current problems.

Sow a thought reap and action.
Sow an action reap a habit.
Sow a habit, reap a character.
Sow a character, reap a destiny.

Research shows, and our experience backs it up, that most dis-ease and dys-function have their origin in lifestyle. These diseases of affluence respond very poorly to the traditional biomedical approach.

Often, people know that something is off, but “doctors can’t seem to find anything.” It’s not uncommon for symptoms to be sub-clinical. A lot of little things are off, but nothing is bad enough to flag as a specific disease.

The traditional medical model is disease oriented, and its focus is early diagnosis, by contrast, our systems approach is wellness oriented, and focuses on prevention.

Prevention is where you get the highest leverage, and it allows one to use gentle, non-invasive techniques that work with the body’s own homeostatic and self-healing processes.
Prevention often means change. And all of nature resists change.

Once you understand your personality and learning style, and clarify your core meaning and values, you gain the leverage you need for change. Changing any habit is not only possible but effortless once you know how you work, and most importantly what you want in life.

Discovering your Unique Organizing Principlesm allows your life to reorganize around your core beliefs and values. You will find yourself moving towards those things which are most important to you -- those things which bring meaning, value, purpose and direction to life.

This approach is effective with a broad spectrum of dis-ease and dys-function. Our focus, however, is on meaning and wellness. We work with you to re-design your life in harmony with your passion and core values. This has a profound effect on health and healing.

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Unique Organizing PrincipleSM
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