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Thanks for your interest in the Energy Integration® approach to health and personal mastery. Read more about our approach.

Energy Integration works with the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Many of our clients experience significant improvement in physical dis-ease and dys-function, though that is not our primary focus -- though it may be yours, especially if your physical symptoms are interfering with the quality of your life.

It is our experience that health and personal mastery go hand in hand.

As people focus on the deeper meaning of their life, they position themselves for healing. We need meaning in our life, a meaning that gives shape and direction to everything we do. Clarifying meaning is where you will experience the most leverage for long term change.

Though I still sees individual clients, the group environment is the most effective both for teaching and for the deeper work that needs to be done. It also provides much needed support.

It was this realization during my doctoral studies, that lead me to develop the Health and Personal Mastery Program (Retreats, Days of Renewal, Small Group and Individual Sessions).

Though you may start out with individual treatment sessions, I strongly encourage you to participate in a Health and Personal Mastery retreat, workshop or day of renewal. This will give you the skills you need for long term change.

I have developed an introductory audio program to the Health and Personal Mastery program and a Self Care video that are recommended for all new clients.

Nutritional education is another important service we offer. I am glad to support you as you begin to experiment with and adapt his insights into your life.

What you can expect in your first session.

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Health and Personal Mastery

Become the Dominant Creative Force in Your Life. Design a life in harmony with your core values and beliefs.


Applying the principles of Energy Integration and the Health and Personal Mastery Program within faith communities.

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