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New online version of the
Health and Personal Mastery Program

Take the High Leverage Point to the next level

The New online version of the Health and Personal Mastery Program is an important addition to the Energy Integration series. It is part of my commitment to continually improve the program. As you know I have been adding online follow-up and support for EI workshop participants.

The goal of Energy Integration is learning to work high leverage by integrating energy work and bodywork. Treating the high leverage point (HLP) on a person will soften the underlying structure and enable it to move more easily towards function. If the person is doing the appropriate work psychologically and spiritually this will greatly facilitate shifts in the deep structure of the person. But treating the HLP is no substitute for the deeper personal work. This is where personal mastery comes in.

Health and personal mastery go hand-in-hand. Health is strongly dependent on lifestyle choices. Personal mastery is required to make healthy choices consistently.

The purpose of the Health and Personal Mastery Program is to help participants develop the personal mastery necessary, not only to make better health choices in there life, but also to help them develop the mastery needed to design a life in harmony with what’s most important to them.

As therapists, facilitating change is our business. Whether the goal is getting a dysfunctional fascial strain pattern to shift or getting a dysfunctional behavioral pattern in our life to shift, personal mastery is what’s needed to facilitate long lasting change and truly work high leverage.

I feel I am at a point where I can facilitate this process in others, and working online will allow me to work with people over an extended period of time.

The focus of the program will be working high leverage with the whole person to facilitate change on a level that will allow you to move towards the life you truly desire.

The program will be open to those who have participated in Energy Integration (EI), as well as therapists and clients who have not. The program will include distant energy work form me, so participants obviously need to be open to energy work.

 Participants will also need to be at a place in their life where they are willing to take a good look at their life, where it is working and where it is not. More importantly they will need to be at a point where they are open to looking at what’s most important to them and to seriously examine questions of meaning and purpose.

The Health and Personal Mastery Program will help you:

  • Clarify your deep purpose, your Unique Organizing Principle, your true high leverage point which will facilitate shifts in all areas of your life
  • Clarify and integrate the results you want in the various areas of your life
  • Break free of stubborn dysfunctional patterns in your life
  • Design a life in harmony with your deep purpose

Often times the reason we can't make changes in specific areas of our life is because change for us needs to happen at a higher level of organization. An example of this could be failure to stick with an exercise program, failure to maintain a healthy weight, failure to let go of an addiction, etc. In these cases we need to shift our attention from the problem to what we really want in our life. The clearer we are on our ultimate goal and purpose the more leverage we will have to make these lower-level changes and to stick with them.

If you are at a point in your life where you have recognized these repeated patterns in yourself and in your clients, and seek to better understand how to facilitate change on a deeper level, the HPM program is for you.

This online version will use e-mail to communicate individually with participants and will use distance energy work to treat the HLP of each participant on a regular basis.

If you would like to know more about the online version of the Health and Personal Mastery Program contact me by e-mail.  
On-line HPM Program

1  month: $100 (USD)
For 3 months: $240 (USD) (save 20%)
For 3 months (for 2 family members): $300 (USD) (save 50%)

If you are local, and receive Energy Integration sessions on a regular basis, we can include the HPM on-line program into your treatment plan at a significant savings.

Learn more about Energy Integration's approach to Health & Personal Mastery.

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Health and Personal Mastery

Become the Dominant Creative Force in Your Life. Design a life in harmony with your core values and beliefs.

The 80/20 Project

The 80/20 principle has strongly influenced the development of Energy Integration and The Health and Personal Mastery Program. We continue to learn how to apply this principle to more and more areas of life.


Applying the principles of Energy Integration and the Health and Personal Mastery Program within faith communities.

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